Top Retro Hindi Love 💌 Songs

Dear Reader, I present you with 33 best retro Hindi love songs from the 50s, 60s, and possibly 70s too. I have selected these songs solely on the basis of their capability to portray the feeling of love, and subsequently have omitted those songs which were about “beauty description” — which describe how handsome or beautiful their partner is. Please listen each song till the end (if you choose to listen one), because few of them have their best parts towards the concluding paras. It’s definitely not an exhaustive list, but these songs occupy the top positions in my playlists…

*It’s not a ranked list. The order of songs is alphabetical.

I could say this song is quite gloomy, but it is beautiful nonetheless. This song is all about what we should be ready to share or sacrifice in love.

This song makes more sense in the context of the situations in the movie, but many secret lovers might find it relatable. It’s all about how one desires to meet their secret lover but is unable to do so.

People in love often find themselves talking to their soul or heart (so I’ve been told) seeking answers about their feelings. This song is just a lyrical form of that monologue.

A legendary song from a legendary movie, Bekarar Karke is one of Hemant Kumar’s masterpieces. Want to know how to flirt? Listen to this song.

Probably the only song in the list which feels youthful in it’s lyrics as well as music. This song describes all the patience young love has to endure to find “the one” (not a Matrix reference).

One of my personal favourites, Chale Jaana is all about the grief of separation from your soulmate. The music in the second last antra (paragraph) is just fabulous. The way beats shoot suddenly towards the end never ceases to amuse me.

A lyrical and vocal masterpiece, this is one of those songs which don’t need any background music to support it. This song is an exception to my rule in which “beauty description” songs were not to be included in this list.

Silsila doesn’t need an introduction if you live in India. Although commercially not a very successful movie, it has a huge cult following. This song is about the dreams one weaves about their life with their partner in the coming future.

A highly energetic song, it’s all about being thankful at finding your (supposed) true love. The enthusiasm one feels at that moment is accurately mirrored in this song.

This song plays upon the old thought of moon being a symbol of love, but does it quite beautifully.

Another cult classic film, Kabhi Kabhie (I don’t know anything about that extra ‘e’ in the name). This song is also about the dreams and aspirations that come with newfound love.

I could confidently say this is the best bachelor song of all time. You need to listen to this. You will find it relatable if you are a bachelor, and you will become one otherwise after hearing this song.

This song is also about the desperation separation, however temporary, causes in love life. Another lyrical masterpiece.

Probably the most erotic song in this list, it is a must-listen from the retro era.

And luckily enough, this is the second most erotic song in the list.

The music in this song is fantastic. The way it picks up the speed in the introductory part of the song has been unmatched till now. Beautiful execution on the music director’s part.

Don’t tell me you’ve never heard this song. The title is enough to tell what this song is about. Go and listen to it, dum dum.

A lyrical beauty, this song is. There’s no denying it. Probably one of the best lyrics ever. The music and singing are equally magical.

A song which should come in a lover’s mind in rain, Kishore and Lata’s finest work.

A song about getting drunk with love, it would come in top 5 in this list if I had to choose.

You would be a heartless animal if you didn’t cry after this song in the movie. Getting back lost love to start a new life, this song may not have the exact lyrics for it, it definitely has the emotions.

Song about the innocence and stupidity of love.

If I did not give description to some songs, it is just because the English language doesn’t posses the words to describe the feeling embedded in them. Hope you enjoyed the list. Look out for more lists as given below.

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